Prog_JGOSJogja Goes Open Source (JGOS) is a program to campaign and help spread the use of open source legal software in Yogyakarta. This program was developed by  Infest Yogyakarta along with and supported by the AirPutih Foundation, the Ministry of Research and Technology, the Indonesian Linux User Group (KPLI) Jogja, and the Ubuntu Jogja Yogyakarta City Government.

Infest Yogyakarta’s commitment to campaigning for the use of open source software is based on the spirit of sharing and mutual cooperation that is part of the character of Indonesian people. Literacy about open source based software is minimal in the community, resulting in dependency on paid software. Subsequently, this dependency on paid software is unable to match the purchasing power of the people, leading to criminal acts of software piracy.

In order to unravel the above situation, Infest through the JGOS program in 2011 agreed on an MoU on open source software migration with the Yogyakarta City Government. JGOS volunteers also built a knowledge centre (Lumbung Pengetahuan) and migration documentation at the website. Through this page, the Yogyakarta City Government as a beneficiary can connect with the technical assistance team (helpdesk) at the JGOS secretariat. The knowledge base of JGOS also brings together several districts or cities that are interested in doing Open Source migration with knowledge that they need.

JGOS Program Focus:

  1. Campaign for the Use of Open Code Source Based Software (open source)
  2. The development of documentation and knowledge about open source, both in the network (online) through the website, or outside the network (offline) through the production of books and video guides.
  3. Organising volunteers for technical assistance teams (help desk)

Activity Record:

  1. Open Source Software Migration Based on Open Source Code in Yogyakarta City Government (City Government Library, 18 Health Centers) | 2011-2012
  2. Software Migration based on Open Source Code at Muhammadiyah 5 High School Yogyakarta | Year 2013
  3. Training to strengthen ICT capacity of teachers in the ICT for Education program, Titian Foundation | Year 2014
  4. Open source training and utilization for village devices | 2011-present