Infest Choose Blitar, Ponorogo, and Johor Bahru as a Learning Sites for Migrant Worker Protection

This year Infest Yogyakarta began initiating a protection model for migrant workers. This initiation is not only being carried out in Indonesia, but also Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The program implementation phase has now reached the process of selecting which villages will be used as the location for implementing the program. The selection...

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Infest Yogyakarta Initiate the Migrant Worker Protection Model from the Village Level

At the beginning of 2018, the Institute for Education Development, Social, Religious and Cultural Studies (Infest) began preparing a strategic plan for implementing the program “Strengthening the Protection of Migrant Workers in the Country of Origin and Placement Destination Countries”. This program is also part of the Infest Yogyakarta’s contributions...

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suasana Sekolah Sore Infest Yogyakarta

Sekolah Sore: Social Analysis, Alignment, and Identification of the Roots of Social Problems

Current lecturing standards do not provide much learning space for students to know and fully understand the situation, dynamics and variety of social problems that surround them. The jargon of students as agents of change needs to be questioned, while many universities are increasingly uprooted and distant from social problems...

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